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Recipes submitted by Team Up fans.
(submit your recipe by e-mail to dinnercoach@juno.com

These recipes are developed and tested with the Team Up approach in mind. Recipes created and tested by Connie Naresh and her freezer cooking friends. This group of recipe testers is working on a cookbook and the recipes dinnercoach.com features will be some of the best.  

We hope the seasonal recipes simplify your menu planning process and give you motivation to cook with a friend. Enjoy the benefits of cooking with friends and teaming up to tackle dinner.
 Recipes are in PDF format. If you are not able to download the recipes you will have to download Adobe Writer.

Technical difficulty -1, 2,or 3  A rating of 1, 2, or 3 based on the amount of time each recipe will take to assemble.  A 1 code is given to the simplest and fastest recipes to assemble. A 2 code is given to recipes with a few steps and an average time to assemble, maybe 10-20 minutes. A 3 code is for recipes that have many steps or challenging to assemble. 

When a Team is assembling a large menu with many recipes then use mostly 1 or 2 recipes. It its a Teaming Up party and you have more time to devote to just one recipe then a 3 is just fine. Its nice to have a variety of meals in the freezer.  Often times the 3 recipes are the nicest meals to have in the freezer because they are usually from freezer to ovan meals without any new dishes to wash.  So, even though 3 recipes take longer to assemble its time well spent. 

Do you have a Teaming Up recipe?

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